Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Fee to Join?

No. Joining doesn't cost anything.

How Often Do CIO's Meet?

We meet every quarter

How Can I Sponsor An Event?

Sponsorship Opportunities will be posted soon

How Can I Sign Up As a Speaker?

You may email us at for available speaking opportunities with the topic of your choice and the date you would like to speak

How Can I Submit a Topic For Discussion?

You may submit any postings in the Blog page to admin for approval. If it meets the requirement, it will be published on the site.

Why Join CIO Global Forum?

It is a great opportunity to network, share experiences and expertise, find solutions, collaborate with Top CIO’s and Executives in Financial Technology Industry. Our events provides essential intelligence for companies to make decisions with conviction. Our legacy is built on an unwavering ability to deliver insights that are vital to the world's economy. We highly encouraged members to post blogs about the power of cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and more. We are committed to driving unparalleled value and giving our members the means—as well as the data, analysis and insights—to have a profound impact on the world.